ACTORS European Project


ACTORS addresses the challenging problem of efficient design of embedded systems for complex and demanding high-performance applications. The project approach is to raise the abstraction level of the specifications and computing models, to include resource-constrained design exploration stages and real-time resource adaptation by developing the appropriate models and tools supporting the design from the specification down to the embedded implementation. Three main innovative technologies will be employed: high level dataflow specification and programming models for design space exploration, virtualization and feedback-based resource scheduling. The targeted execution platforms are Linux-based multiprocessor/multicore systems and FPGAs. Three design cases will be developed to validate and demonstrate the new approach: multimedia processing on cellular phone terminals, embedded control, and high-performance video systems.


The ACTORS consortium is led by Ericsson. It contains two SMEs (AKAtech and Evidence) and four university partners (SSSA, TUKL, ULUND, and EPFL). Associated partner to the project is Xilinx.

People: Christophe Lucarz, Marco Mattavelli


Reconfigurable Video Coding Project (RVC)


RVC is a a framework which would enable the effcient reusability of the terminal resources for supporting different codecs would constitute a great advantage for decoder platforms. The realisation of a Reconfigurable Video Coding framework would produce the following benefits:
– create a flexible video and audio coding framework for new codec and coding tools development.
– help adoption and standardization of new coding tools without the need a of specifying a completely new (monolithic) standard
– provide a new interoperable model of defining codecs at (standard) cod ing tool level to satisfy specific application requirements in place of current monolithic specifications
– provide specifications in the forms of models that are more appropriate for the implementation process.

People: Christophe Lucarz, Marco Mattavelli, Ding Dandan, Li Jianjun