EMINI-E3 is a Computable General Equilibrium model started in 1994 at the French Energy Atomic Agency under the supervision of Alain Bernard, part-time Economic Adviser and member of Conseil Général des Ponts et Chaussées. The model is presently developed and managed in collaboration between ASSESSECO and EPFL (REME).

GEMINI-E3 has been specifically designed to assess world climate change policies, in particular the effects of the Kyoto Protocol, both at the microeconomic and the macroeconomic levels. It is a multi-country, multi-sector, dynamic model incorporating a highly detailed representation of indirect taxation. It has been thoroughly used since 1995 to analyze a wide range of questions linked to energy, environment and economic growth.

GEMINI-E3 runs in annual steps mainly from the base year 2001 to 2025 though some longer-term scenarios -up to 2050- have also been simulated. The present version of the model is the fifth one, much more detailed that the initial version, and capable of assessing intra-European and domestic policies such as the directive on quotas, project of directive “energy-climate” and the determination of carbon value. A new version, GEMINI-EMU, has been developed specifically aimed at assessing intra-European macroeconomic policies but also relevant for climate change scenarios appraisal.

(Picture : Source Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology)