Group for Ferroelectrics and Functional Oxides

Welcome to the Group for ferroelectrics and functional oxides

Perovskite Domain walls d33surface KNbO3
atomic & crystal structure mesoscopic structure
modelling characterization of properties

Research and education at the group are centered on fundamental properties and applications of ferroelectric, piezoelectric and other multifunctional materials. While our focus is on functional oxides, we also have interest in other inorganic materials, hybrid organometallic materials, polymers and composites.  We investigate experimentally physical processes taking place at different length and time scales and how they affect macroscopic behavior of ceramics, single crystals, thin organic and inorganic  layers and composites. Our interests include effects of defects on electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical properties of materials, interaction of defects with ferroic domain walls, symmetry breaking and its effect on electro-mechanical and electro-thermal coupling, optomechanical effects, interface dynamics, creep, relaxation, nonlinearity and hysteresis in dielectric, mechanical and piezoelectric responses, interactions among microstructural features, phase transition-related instabilities, structure/microstructure – property relations and modelling of properties. Besides fundamental investigations, our research is application oriented and we try to contribute to development of new materials for piezoelectric and other types of sensors, actuators and transducers; in particular, we are interested in medical applications of functional materials.