EPFL-UNIL Earth and Space Symposium

 EPSL organized the first EPFL-UNIL Earth and Space Symposium in November 2014.

Symposium photos


Scientific program

Date: 5th November 2014



  • Petrology: from the Alps to the core-mantle boundary
  • Rheology and deformation of Earth materials


  • Materials at extreme conditions
  • Planetary materials
  • Environmental science

Detailed program: PDF


Students and researchers at EPFL and UNIL interested in Earth, planets, and materials at extreme conditions.

Participating groups include:

  • EPFL-Earth and Planetary Science Laboratory
  • UNIL-Institut des sciences de la Terre
  • EPFL-Laboratory for Soil Mechanics
  • EPFL-Laboratory of  Physics of Complex Matter
  • EPFL-Space Center
  • EPFL-Interdisciplinary Center for Electron Microscopy
  • EPFL-Laboratory of Quantum Magnetism
  • EPFL-Physics of Aquatic Systems Laboratory
  • EPFL-Computational Solid Mechanics Laboratory
  • EPFL-Laboratory of Theory and Simulation of Materials
  • EPFL-Geodetic Engineering Laboratory 
  • UNIL-Institute of Geomatics and Risk Analysis