The current version of the website is 2.2,
codename He’s blown a fuse!

Release notes

Version 2.3 [COMING SOON]
A bolt from the blue

  • “Labs” section entirely revamped
  • “Staff map” updated


 Version 2.2
 He’s blown a fuse!

  • “Past Events” section updated and improved.
  • News management and centralization
  • New and refreshing pictures throughout the website
  • Internal works and optimization II
  • Bugfixes and various improvements



Version 2.1B
Power up!


  • Java Apps on “Our developments” page.
  • Internal works and optimization I.
  • Massive bugfixes



 Version 2.1A
 Power up!

  • “Labs” page updated
  • Homepage updated
  • Introduction of “Staff Map”
  • Setup of Google Analytics for long-term improvements
  • Bugfixes and various improvements



 Version 2.0
 Episode V: the Lightning strikes back

  • Global overhaul of the website
  • New Staff page
  • New page listing master theses added to the Publications section
  • Introduction of automatic lists on Bachelor and Master pages
  • Vanity URLs for the website’s pages