Improving slash-and-burn agriculture in Central Menabe, Madagascar

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Ecological response of tree saplings to simulated climate change along an elevational gradient (CLIMARBRE)

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Effects of Subordinate Plant Species in Plant and Soil Community Structure and Ecosystem Functioning

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Ecological Controls of Aerobic and Anaerobic Microbial Activities and Potential Impacts on Greenhouse Gases in Regenerating Peatlands

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Comparaison des caractéristiques climatiques sous couvert forestier et hors couvert

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How Does Plant Diversity Affect Soil Aggregate Stability and Erosion Processes in Disturbed Alpine Ecosystems?

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Biogeography, Evolution and Diversity of Free-Living Protists

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Resistance of plant communities to invasive species

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Ecological response of a multi-purpose river development project using macro-invertebrates richness and fish habitat value

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The influence of cattle activity on tree regeneration in wood-pastures

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Prevention of forest fires in a changing climatic context in Ticino, southern Switzerland

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