Fall semester

  • Multivariate statistics with R in environment

    Introduction to multivariate data analysis and modelling. The course helps for a critical choice of methods and their integration in a research planning. It prepares for complexe data analysis in various fields of environemental sciences. Use of dedicated R libraries

    Teachers : Buttler Alexandre. Quezada Rivera Juan Carlos.
    Language : english

  • Spring semester

  • Ephemeral city

    (Coursebook not yet approved by the section)

    Teachers : Buttler Alexandre.
    Language :

  • Experimental design and data analysis with R

    Linking together the elements of a research project. Basic principles of designing experiments and observational studies. Statistical model of Multiple regressions and Analysis of variance, as special cases of the general linear model, Data analysis with the statistical software R.

    Teachers : Schlaepfer Rodolphe.
    Language : english

  • Géologie de l'ingénieur

    Teachers : Turberg Pascal.
    Language : french

  • Our common soil

    (Coursebook not yet approved by the section)

    Teachers : Guillaume Thomas.
    Language : english

  • General documents

    Moodle : Essentials of Ecology (available during Spring)

    Moodle : Numerical Ecology (available during Fall)

    Document : Comment entreprendre une recherche ?

    Document : Comment rédiger un article ou un rapport ?

    Document : Comment présenter son travail et ses résultats ?

    Document : How to write a scientific paper ?

    Document : Comment réaliser et présenter un poster ?

    Document : Code de déontologie