Master’s Projects

Possible topics include:

Hydrological modeling and solute transport.

Our research in the field of hydrological modeling is focused on the question of how to improve the representation of dominant hydrological and transport processes, for example for flood prediction in Alpine environments or for estimating solute transport to a river network. This projects make use of a number of tools, which can include: hydrologic measurements, stream flow and quality modeling, GIS mapping, sampling and chemical analysis of stream water samples.


Waterborne disease.

River networks and hydrological conditions constitute crucial controls of the spread of waterborne diseases of humans and aquatic fauna. Spatially explicit models of waterborne diseases that include hydrological and environmental drivers can give important insight into the dynamics of disease transmission, and thus provide a tool for comparing and optimizing alternative control strategies. More particularly we study the spread of epidemic cholera and the transmission of schistosomaisis and of salmonoid proliferative kidney disease by the means of mathematical modeling strongly based on remote sensing and spatial data.

Master’s Projects abroad.