Network Optimization


We study fundamental mathematical problems originating form the field of Network Optimization.

There are plenty of networks (e.g. electrical, communication, transportation, computer networks), whose efficiency is crucial. Typically, the geometry of the underlying problem is modeled as a graph G=(V,E) and the problem is to install elements of the constructed network in vertices and edges of G. Constructing an element incurs a certain cost which may depend on the location in G. We aim at obtaining a minimal cost network having all the required properties.

Such interesting network problems are mostly NP-hard, so it is unlikely that efficient algorithms for finding optimal solutions for these problems exist. We concentrate on efficiently finding close to optimal solutions by means of approximation algorithms.

An important field of network optimization problems is related to Network Design problems, where we are given a set of nodes of the graph (called terminals) that want to communicate with each other, and we need to buy some edges of the graph to connect all the terminals. Famous examples could be Steiner Tree problem, or Virtual Private Network design problems. Still, in case of economies of scale in buying capacities, the total installation cost could be modeled as a concave function: classical examples are buy-at-bulk problems or rent-or-buy problems. We concentrate on developing constant approximation algorithms for such problems and settle some important compexity issues.

Another field is related to Location problems: a relevant example is the Facility Location Problem, where we need to install facilities in vertices of the graph in order to service a given set of clients. Opening a facility incurs a location specific cost, servicing a client with a facility contributes a cost proportional to the client-facility distance.

We studied the basic variant of the problem called metric Uncapacitated Facility Location, and the more general Connected Facility Location problem, where we also need to connect all the facilities, which incurs cost proportional to the total length of the edges used to connect them. We give constant factor approximation algorithms for both the variants.


Jarosław Byrka

Friedrich Eisenbrand

Thomas Rothvoß

Laura Sanità

Selected Publications

A Politics of Intellectual Property: The French Revolution and the Creation of a Patent System

J. Baudry 

Technology & Culture. 2020-07-01. 

Efficient management of nanomaterial hazards in a large number of research laboratories in an academic environment

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RRAM-VAC: A Variability-Aware Controller for RRAM-based Memory Architectures

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2020. 25th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference ASP-DAC 2020, Beijing China, January 13-16, 2020.

A method for assessing the fidelity of optical diffraction tomography reconstruction methods using structured illumination

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The Generalized Caffarelli‐Kohn‐Nirenberg Theorem for the Hyperdissipative Navier‐Stokes System

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Understanding multimodality through rhythm of life. An empirical evidence from the Swiss case study.

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The Hermeneutic Circle of Data Visualization: the Case Study of the Affinity Map

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Exact synthesis of LTL properties from traces

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Production and characterization of low-energy Portland composite cement from post-industrial waste

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Composition and superposition of alluvial deposits drive macro-biological soil engineering and organic matter dynamics in floodplains

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Ordered graphs and large bi-cliques in intersection graphs of curves

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Integrating urban form and distributed energy systems: Assessment of sustainable development scenarios for a Swiss village to 2050

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BioID: a Privacy-Friendly Identity Document

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Geometric and Physical Constraints for Drone-Based Head Plane Crowd Density Estimation

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Solar model

A. S. Wallerand 


Decentralized control with cross-coupled sensory feedback between body and limbs in sprawling locomotion

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SynDeMo: Synergistic Deep Feature Alignment for Joint Learning of Depth and Ego-Motion

S. Bozorgtabar; M. S. Rad; D. Mahapatra; J-P. Thiran 

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Detecting the Unexpected via Image Resynthesis

K. M. Lis; K. K. Nakka; P. Fua; M. Salzmann 

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Recurrent U-Net for Resource-Constrained Segmentation

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Advanced tariffs for grid friendly distributed PV and storage: A case study in Rolle

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Comparison of methods to achieve robust design decisions for hydropower projects: A case study

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Experimental and numerical study on wave-impact on buildings

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Distributed Logless Atomic Durability with Persistent Memory

S. Gupta; A. Daglis; B. Falsafi 

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Kinetic modeling of lag times during photo-induced inactivation of E. coli in sunlit surface waters: Unraveling the pathways of exogenous action

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Importance of the advection scheme for the simulation of water isotopes over Antarctica by atmospheric general circulation models: A case study for present-day and Last Glacial Maximum with LMDZ-iso

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Automated ‘Eye-sight’ Venetian blinds based on an embedded photometric device with real-time daylighting computing

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Exploration of logics underlying modal choice of the working population from the Greater Geneva

V. Kaufmann; E. Bernier; J. González Villamizar 

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Synthesizing adaptive test strategies from temporal logic specifications

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The Impossibility of Fast Transactions

K. Antoniadis; D. Didona; R. Guerraoui; W. Zwaenepoel 


Advanced Timber Construction, using digital fabrication and robotic assemblies

Y. Weinand 

Graduates Seminar Talks, University of Southern California, USA, 14.10.19.

Robot Analytics: What Do Human-Robot Interaction Traces Tell Us About Learning?

J. Nasir; U. Norman; W. Johal; J. K. Olsen; S. Shahmoradi et al. 

2019-10-14. IEEE RoMan 2019 – The 28th IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication, New Delhi, India, October 14-18, 2019.

Mapping informal settlements: an experience in São Paulo (Brazil)

V. Pessoa Colombo 

Cartografia, cittadinanza e partecipazione – Giornata internazionale di studi, Mendrisio, Switzerland, October 11, 2019.

L’évolution des modes de vie et les ateliers d’autoréparation de vélo

A. Rigal 

Assemblée Générale du P’tit vélo dans la tête, Grenoble,

Semiclassical analysis of the quantum instanton approximation

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Tailoring thermal conduction in anatase TiO2

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Slickwater hydraulic fracture propagation: near-tip and radial geometry solutions

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Energy dependent structure of Xe ion tracks in YBCO and the effect on the superconductive properties in magnetic fields

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Segmented Spiral using Inter-Connected Timber Elements

P. Vestartas; M. Nakad; L. Pelletier; A. Rezaei Rad; Y. Weinand et al. 

IASS 60th Anniversary Symposium (IASS SYMPOSIUM 2019), Barcelona, Spain, October 8, 2019.

Performance Assessment of Double-Layered Timber Plate Shells using Alternative Structural Systems

A. C. Nguyen; B. Himmer; P. Vestartas; Y. Weinand 

IASS 60th Anniversary Symposium (IASS SYMPOSIUM 2019), Barcelona, Spain, October 8, 2019.

An Associativity-Agnostic in-Cache Computing Architecture Optimized for Multiplication

M. Rios; W. A. Simon; A. S. J. Levisse; M. Zapater Sancho; D. Atienza Alonso 


Effectiveness of a strategic energy reserve during the energy transition: The case of Switzerland

P. A. van Baal 

Competition and Regulation in Network Industries. 2019-10-08.  p. 178359171987936. DOI : 10.1177/1783591719879365.

Simulations of Swiss climate policy with a computable general equilibrium model

P. Thalmann 

Economic policy seminar, UNIL, Lausanne, Switzerland, October 8, 2019.

Einführung in den Leitfaden preisgünstige Mietwohnungen

P. Thalmann 

Herbsttreffen Wohnnetz, Bern, Switzerland, October 21, 2019.

Introduction au Guide du logement à loyer modéré

P. Thalmann 

Rencontre n°1 du Réseau logement en Suisse romande, Renens, Suisse, October 8, 2019.

Low-dimensional perovskite nanoplatelet synthesis using in situ photophysical monitoring to establish controlled growth

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Switzerland: Economic aspects of a transition to a 1.5°C world

P. Thalmann 

Colloquium Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland, October 7, 2019.

Impact of advanced electricity tariff structures on the optimal design, operation and profitability of a grid-connected PV system with energy storage

L. Bloch; J. Holweger; C. Ballif; N. Wyrsch 

8th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics, Salzburg, September 26-27, 2019.

A Multilayer Microfluidic Platform for the Conduction of Prolonged Cell-Free Gene Expression

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A Product Engine for Energy-Efficient Execution of Binary Neural Networks Using Resistive Memories

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Magnetically separable TiO2/FeOx/POM accelerating the photocatalytic removal of the emerging endocrine disruptor: 2,4-dichlorophenol

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Spatiotemporal Imaging of Water in Operating Voltage-Gated Ion Channels Reveals the Slow Motion of Interfacial Ions

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