Graph Theory 2010


Prof. János Pach


Radoslav Fulek

Office hours

On June 16th-18th:  14:00-15:00 (MA C1 567)


The textbooks: R.Diestel: Graph Theory, Springer
                      B. Bollobas: Modern Graph Theory, Springer

Extra credit homework rules:

1. Extra credit homeworks are marked with a little star.
2. Extra credit homework on a problem set sheet is always due next exercise session.
3. You receive the marked submission on the exercise session following the one when the homework was due.
4. You are encouraged to discuss problems among each other. However, any pair of submissions looking very much alike will be considered not ok.
5. Doing extra credit homeworks is not mandatory for passing the course. It is also not a necessary condition for having mark 6 at the exam.
6. For a submission you get either a mark OK, which means that your solution is basically correct, or a mark NOT OK, which means that your solution is either basically incorrect, or that I was not able to follow your line of thoughts by reading your write up. Therefore, if you think that your solution is correct and you get a mark NOT OK, you can prove your point by discussing the write up with me (assistant).


Problem sheets

Syllabus – UPDATED Again

Combinatorial Geometry: Chapter 9 (Extremal geometric graph theory) by Pach & Agarwal