Graph Theory 2015

Final exam announcements:

As for the midterm, you are not allowed to bring in anything except for pencils and pens, no books, no notes. 

Final office hours

Andrey : 8 and 9 of june from 14 to 16

             Office: MA C1 567


Change of schedule for Andres:

Andres: 8 of June from 13 to 15

            9 of june from 10 to 12 

            Office: MA C1 567


Claudiu: 11 of June from 13 to 15

             12 of June from 13 to 15

             Office: MA C1 585

 Final exam 2014 

(note that the topics covered in last years course were not exactly the same)



Prof. Andrei Kupavskii

Assistants: Andres Ruiz-Vargas

Claudiu Valculescu


We will use, mainly, the following book. 

Book: Graph Theory, R. Diestel: Online version 

The bonus problems must be turned in a week after the corresponding exercise session. They are a challenge, and although they do not influence the final grade, prizes will be given to the students solving more problems. 


Covered Material (to be updated weekly)

Proof of Cayley’s theorem using Prufer codes (here)

Stability theorem – lecture 10 (here)

Jukna’s “Extremal Combinatorics”

Alon and Spencer’s “The Probabilistic Method”


Assignment 1

Assignment 2 (updated version after class ) 

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

Assignment 6

Assignment 7

Assignment 8

Assignment 9

Assignment 10

Assignment 11

Assignment 12


   The solutions will be away during the exam.