Frank de Zeeuw

Until August 2018 I was a postdoc in the Discrete and Computational Geometry Group of János Pach at EPFL. I did my Phd at UBC in Vancouver under the supervision of József Solymosi. My research involves algebraic methods in combinatorial geometry.

From August 2018, I am an assistant professor at Baruch College, which is part of the City University of New York.

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  • Ordinary lines in space, 2018. (arXiv)
  • Spanned lines and Langer’s inequality, 2018. (arXiv)
  • A short proof of Rudnev’s point-plane incidence bound, 2016. (arXiv)
  • Three-variable expanding polynomials and higher-dimensional distinct distances, with Thang Pham and Le Anh Vinh, 2016. Accepted to Combinatorica. (journal / arXiv)
  • An improved point-line incidence bound over arbitrary fields, with Sophie Stevens, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 49, 842-858, 2017. (journal / arXiv)
  • The Elekes-Szabó Theorem in four dimensions, with Orit E. Raz and Micha Sharir, Israel Journal of Mathematics 227, 663-690, 2018. (journal / arXiv)
  • On sets defining few ordinary circles, with Aaron Lin, Mehdi Makhul, Hossein Nassajian Mojarrad, Josef Schicho, and Konrad Swanepoel, Discrete & Computational Geometry 59, 59-87, 2018. (journalarXiv)
  • Distinct distances between points and lines, with Micha Sharir, Shakhar Smorodinsky, and Claudiu Valculescu, Computational Geometry 69, 2-15, 2018. (journal / arXiv)
  • Schwartz-Zippel bounds for two-dimensional products, with Hossein Nassajian Mojarrad, Thang Pham, and Claudiu Valculescu, Discrete Analysis 2017:20. (journal / arXiv)
  • A survey of Elekes-Rónyai-type problems, 2016. Accepted to New Trends in Intuitive Geometry. (arXiv)
  • Incidence bounds for complex algebraic curves on Cartesian products, with Jozsef Solymosi, 2016. Accepted to New Trends in Intuitive Geometry. (arXiv)
  • On the number of ordinary conics, with Thomas Boys and Claudiu Valculescu, SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 30, 1644-1659, 2016. (journalarXiv)
  • Polynomials vanishing on Cartesian products: The Elekes-Szabó Theorem revisited, with Orit E. Raz and Micha Sharir, Duke Mathematical Journal 165, 3517-3566, 2016. Also in SoCG 2015. (journal / conference / arXiv)
  • Bisector energy and few distinct distances, with Ben Lund and Adam Sheffer, Discrete & Computational Geometry 56, 337-356, 2016. Also in SoCG 2015. (journal / conference / arXiv)
  • Distinct values of bilinear forms on algebraic curves, with Claudiu Valculescu, Contributions to Discrete Mathematics 11, 31-45, 2016. (journal / arXiv)
  • Few distinct distances implies no heavy lines or circles, with Adam Sheffer and Joshua Zahl, Combinatorica 36, 349-364, 2016. (journal / arXiv)
  • Distinct distances on algebraic curves in the plane, with János Pach, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing 26, 99-117, 2017. Also in SoCG 2014. (journal / conference / arXiv)
  • Extensions of a result of Elekes and Rónyai, with Ryan Schwartz and József Solymosi, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 120, 1695-1713, 2013. (journal / arXiv)
  • Rational distances with rational angles, with Ryan Schwartz and József Solymosi, Mathematika 58, 409-418, 2012. (journal / arXiv)
  • Simultaneous arithmetic progressions on algebraic curves, with Ryan Schwartz and József Solymosi, International Journal of Number Theory 7, 921-931, 2011. (journal / arXiv)
  • On a question of Erdős and Ulam, with József Solymosi, Discrete & Computational Geometry 43, 393-401, 2010. (journal / arXiv)
  • Explicit elliptic K3 surfaces with rank 15, with Jaap Top, Rocky Mountain Journal of
    Mathematics 39, 1689-1697, 2009. (journal)

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József Solymosi (5x), Claudiu Valculescu (4x), Ryan Schwartz (3x), Micha Sharir (3x), Hossein Nassajian Mojarrad (2x), Thang Pham (2x), Orit Raz (2x), Adam Sheffer (2x), Thomas Boys, Aaron Lin, Ben Lund, Mehdi Makhul, János Pach, Josef Schicho, Shakhar Smorodinsky, Sophie Stevens, Konrad Swanepoel, Jaap Top, Le Anh Vinh, Joshua Zahl

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Teaching at EPFL

Additive Combinatorics (Spring 2017)

Linear Algebra (Fall 2016)

Graph Theory (Spring 2016)

Linear Algebra (Fall 2015)

Algebraic Methods in Combinatorics (Spring 2015)

Linear Algebra (Fall 2014)

Linear Algebra (Fall 2013)

Advanced Discrete Mathematics (Spring 2013)

Combinatorial Optimization (Fall 2012)


  • 2012-18: Postdoc, EPFL, Switzerland
  • 2011: Postdoc, UBC, Canada
  • 2007-11: PhD, UBC, Canada
  • 2006-7: Part III, Cambridge, UK
  • 2000-6: Doctoraal (Master’s), Groningen, The Netherlands
  • 1982: Born in the Netherlands