Claudiu Valculescu

Doctoral Assistant

MA C1 585 (Bâtiment MA) 
Station 8 
CH-1015 Lausanne

Office: MA C1585

Email: [email protected]







Hello! My name is Claudiu and I am a PhD student at EPFL, under the supervision of prof. János Pach.

Research interest: algebraic techniques in combinatorial geometry, also with an eye on topological methods.

Here is my CV.


  • Four-variable expanders over the prime fields  – with D. Koh, H. Nassajian Mojarrad, and T. Pham, 2017, Submitted. (arxiv)
  • Near equipartitions of colored point sets  – with A. Holmsen and J. Kynčl, Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications 65, 35-42, 2017. (journal /arxiv)
  • Distinct distances between points and lines in F_q^2  –  with N. D. Phuong, T. Pham, N. M. Sang, and L. A. Vinh, 2016, accepted to Forum Mathematicum. See also (arxiv)
  • On the number of ordinary conics – with T. Boys and Zeeuw, SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 30, 1644-1659, 2016. (journal /arxiv)
  • Schwartz-Zippel bounds for two-dimensional products – with H. Nassajian Mojarrad, T. Pham, and Zeeuw, 2015, Submitted. (arxiv
  • Distinct distances between points and lines – with M. Sharir, S. Smorodinsky, and F. de Zeeuw, EUROCG 2015, Ljubljana, 165-168, Submitted. (conference /arxiv)
  • Distinct values of bilinear forms on algebraic curves – with F. de Zeeuw, Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, 11 (1), 31-45, 2016. (journal /arxiv)
  • A note on direct products and Ext^1 contravariant functorswith F. Pop, Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society 39 (1), 173-180, 2016. (journal)

Courses at EPFL (as teaching assistant)

Selected talks


I have had the pleasure to work with:

Frank de Zeeuw (4x), Thang Pham (3x), Hossein Nassajian Mojarrad (2x), Thomas Boys, Andreas Holmsen, Doowon Koh, Jan Kynčl,, Nguyen Duy Phuong, Flaviu Pop, Nguyen Minh Sang, Micha Sharir, Shakhar Smorodinsky, Le Anh Vinh,