Student projects and joining the DATA Lab

Semester and master’s projects


Additionally, if you are interested in doing other masters or semester projects with us at EPFL, have a look at our research projects. If you find one of them interesting, contact one of the project members to inquire about opportunities to take part in the project. You should have a solid background in either databases, compilers, or machine learning.

We also encourage students to continue and expand their projects started in the Big Data course in the form of semester and masters project. If you are interested to do this, contact the professor by email.

External masters theses

We do advise external masters thesis projects, but we impose high standards on the project and the external advisor. Your advisor has to be an accomplished researcher (in an industry lab) and your project has to be work towards a scientific publication. We reserve the right to turn down advising such a thesis if we do not find success in the endeavour credible.

Prospective PhD students

If you are not a PhD student at EPFL yet, please consider applying to our doctoral school at This is your first step towards getting into EPFL. You cannot be admitted directly by talking to a professor; you will not better your chances by doing that.

Once you have been admitted to the EPFL IC doctoral program and have arrived at EPFL, please contact Prof. Koch by email if you are interested in doing a PhD in the DATA Lab.

We always have vacancies for really talented and motivated PhD students!