Corporate Strategy & Innovation


The Chair of Corporate Strategy & Innovation is a research laboratory established at EPFL in 2003 to promote scholarship in the area of technology and innovation management (TIM).  CSI is focused on issues of corporate strategy and innovation, or how large, multi-business firms manage transitions to new technologies, business models, and organizational forms.

New technologies can be developed within the firm, come from a startup venture or competitor, or come from a source completely external to the firm and its market.  The research in CSI thus is built around four interrelated themes: (1) alliances and “open innovation” within the value network; (2) Internet strategy / digitalization of entrants and incumbents; (3) technological entry, product development, and “creative destruction;” and (4) business models and business model innovation.

The mission of CSI is to be an internationally recognized center of excellence in research, doctoral training, pedagogy, executive education, and case development in the TIM field.