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Grégoire Courtine wins ERC Proof-of-Concept grant

— Professor Grégoire Courtine has been awarded a Proof-of-Concept grant from the European Research Council.

Prof. Grégoire Courtine promoted Full Professor

— Professor Grégoire Courtine was named as Full Professor of Life Sciences in the School of Life Sciences (SV).

Grégoire Courtine wins Rolex Award for Enterprise

— The EPFL researcher is one of five laureates of the 2019 Rolex Awards for Enterprise. The laureates will receive financial support for their innovative projects that contribute to the common good.

Breakthrough neurotechnology for treating paralysis

— Three patients with chronic paraplegia were able to walk over ground thanks to precise electrical stimulation of their spinal cords via a wireless implant. In a double study published in Nature and Nature Neuroscience, Swiss scientists Grégoire Courtine (EPFL and CHUV/Unil) and Jocelyne Bloch (CHUV/Unil) show that, after a few months of training, the patients were able to control previously paralyzed leg muscles even in the absence of electrical stimulation.

Regenerating nerve fibers across spinal cord injury

— Scientists have designed a three-stepped recipe for regenerating electro-physiologically active nerve fibers across complete spinal cord lesions in rodents. Rehabilitation is still required to make these new nerve fibers functional for walking. The results appear in today’s issue of Nature Letters.

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