Lyesse Laloui
Chair Professor

Lyesse Laloui is a Chair professor of Geo-Engineering and CO2 Storage at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). He is the director of the Laboratory for Soil Mechanics as well as the director of the EPFL Civil Engineering Section. Laloui is also adjunct full professor at the Pratt School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Duke University (Durham, USA). He has developed successful state of the art research approaches that cover the most productive and rapidly expanding areas in the field of geotechnical engineering. In particular, he has focused on the fundamental study of soils and man-made geo-systems with an emphasis on the mechanics of various interacting multi-scale and multi-physics phenomena. Laloui established an internationally recognised expertise in the areas of computational geo-mechanics, environmental geo-mechanics, and the mechanics of multiphase porous materials.

Alberto Minardi


Alberto Minardi is a post-doctoral researcher at LMS-EPFL and is experimentally investigating the behaviour of shale caprocks. Before becoming a post-doctoral researcher Alberto was a PhD student with LMS-EPFL and completed his thesis, entitled “Hydro-mechanical characterization of gas shales and Opalinus Clay shale in partially saturated conditions” early this year.

Barnaby Fryer

PhD Student

Barnaby Fryer is a PhD student at LMS-EPFL is currently working on the effect of compaction on production-induced seismicity as well as EGS-induced seismicity. Before joining LMS he completed his master thesis on the dynamic multi-scale modelling of compositional fluid flows at the TU Delft.

Taeheon Kim
PhD Student

Taeheon Kim is a PhD student at LMS-EPFL currently working on the analysis of the geomechanical aspects of CO2 sequestration. Before joining the LMS he completed his master thesis on the interplay between interparticle friction, dilation, and strength at Imperial College London.

The LMS – Chair Gaz Naturel – Petrosvibri group with a Swiss cow at the GHGT13 Gala Dinner

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