ATLEMAN – Strategies of metropolisation

Comparative studies on metropolisation

ATLEMAN research project consists in a North/South comparative study, analysing the cases of Casablanca (Morocco) and the Lemanic Metropolis (Switzerland). This research investigates and confronts ongoing strategies to make these metropolitan areas more attractive. These strategies can be found at different scales and are carried by diverse actors: investors, states and civil society. Moreover, they may find local factors of resistance. The objective of project ATLEMAN is to investigate whether there are similarities between the strategies adopted by the two metropolitan areas, despite their different contexts, and also whether these strategies generate similar spatial outcomes.

Scientific outputs


La Marina de Casablanca : entre local et global

General information

Team: Kamil Hajji & Jérôme Chenal

Contact: [email protected]

Funding: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne