The Building

The smart living lab’s future building

The smart living lab, a research and development center devoted to the built environment of the future, rallies the inter-disciplinary skills of 3 universities: EPFL, UNI Fribourg and HEIA Fribourg.

Set in the BlueFACTORY innovation’s square of Fribourg, the center’s premises are temporarily settled in the Blue Hall, while waiting for its own building to be constructed on the same site in 2021.

The smart living building will be both a sustainable structure and an evolving building. It will house the activities of some 100 researchers, offering laboratories, offices, conference rooms and some experimental dwellings. In this multiple-use context, the building will become an experimental field of studies itself, in order to find solutions to energy consumption and the greenhouse gas emissions that it generates.

This groundbreaking construction is the group’s first case study, and research projects have been established to help it meet its ambitious goals: limiting its consumption and emissions to the values set for 2050 by the 2000-watt society vision, while considering the whole life cycle of its components.