Grid Alignment and extendable grid for Roombots


The Roombot is a modular robot that needs a grid to perform its sequence to build furniture.
It can get out of its grid but it has not any way to return properly on its workstation. Its
grid may take a lot of space depending on the size of furniture which it has to build. From
this observations, my semester project was divided in two parts. Both are about extension for
Roombot, they are:

  1.   To design a system that helps an RB-metamodule to return on its grid.
  2.   To find some ideas and open ways for an extendable grid.

The aim of the first part was reached with a sink where the RB-metamodule can fall into and
has to follow a particular sequence to return on its grid. A lot of time was spent on drawings
and on 3D pieces to ease processing. A setup was built and tests were made successfully. For
the second part, motivations for an extendable grid were clearly defined. For this project, which
deserves more than half-semester, some ideas were advanced and compared but, due to lack of
time, only one was developed in more details.

Grid Alignment


Alignment 1:
Alignment 2:
Alignment and rotation:
Getout 1:
Getout 2:

Extendable Grid

A RB-metamodule extends its grid composed by some puzzles.

Puzzle idea. Top view.

Puzzle idea. Bottom view. Magnets are in black.