Hybrid Brain Computer Interface to Control Modular Robots


 The role of this project was to check whether an EEG based system–the Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset–would be a viable and intuitive user interface to control modular robots in the scope of the Roombots project. After a first set of tests, another modality was added to widen the range of possible actions, limited to only two with the EEG device only; speech recognition was chosen as the second modality. An evaluative user study was designed to test this system composed of two modalities to move a structure composed of passive elements and modular robots, but the EPOC did not prove to be robust enough toward this application. Finally, an internal user study with four members of the lab was conducted to test more deeply the device. The conclusion is that the EPOC device does not match the minimum requirements for robots control with its EEG signal.

Report and presentation