Partners: CSEM, USZ

started 2013



started 2012


Dialog between brain waves: the organization of neuronal oscillations interdependencies in the human brain

Partner: CHUV, Radiology and Radiodiagnostic Service
Started 2008

Oscillatory phenomena have gained increasing importance in the field of neuroscience, particularly because improvements in analysis methods have revealed how oscillatory activity is both a highly information-rich signal. One paradigmatic shift in the conceptualization of oscillatory activity has been to consider not only changes within a particular frequency band, but also the interactions and synchronizations between frequencies of brain activity, that are in turn thought to coordinate responses between widespread brain areas and may represent a key “binding” mechanism necessary for perception, consciousness and action planning. This project focuses on the development of methods to identify the spatio-temporal mechanisms underlying visual object processing.


Development of closed-loop pacing strategies for the treatment of atrial arrhythmias

Partners: CHUV and Medtronic
Started 2007

Using the computer model of atrial tissue electrical activity, we are going to develop innovative closed-loop pacing algorithms to terminate atrial arrhythmias such as atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation. These algorithms will be implemented in the new generation of pacemakers produced by Medtronic. The computer model allows us to study these algorithms in perfectly controlled protocols, and to drastically reduce animal experiments.

Development of algorithms financial time series analysis and portfolio optimization

Partner: Fundo SA
Started 2008

Fundo SA is a Swiss financial company active in the management of retirement funds. The goal of this project is to develop innovative analysis tools to enhance the performance of investments. Specifically, we focus on:
– the analysis of financial time series (stocks, options, …) for prediction and risk quantification purposes.
– the correlation of diverse financial time series to enhance portfolio composition.
– constrained portfolio optimization.