Physical and biogeochemical processes in ice-covered lakes

Ice-covered lakes are facing pervasive changes in their ice-cover periods. Global observations reveal the decline in annual ice-on duration while forecasts of numerical models preclude massive changes of these systems in the next decades as a result of global warming. Understanding the links between the under-ice physics and biogeochemical processes is critical for anticipating the evolution and fate of ice-covered lakes and their ecosystems.

The goal of this interdisciplinary research study is to:

  • characterise radiatively-driven convection and mixing in ice-covered waters
  • test high-resolution vertical in-situ observations and new autonomous under water vehicles and determine the horizontal structure of convective cells
  • investigate the effect of convective mixing on phytoplankton
  • investigate the accumulation and release of greenhouse gases
  • develop mechanical energy and heat balances of under-ice waters
  • investigate the role lateral flows in the thermal evolution of ice-covered waters.

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