Ondrej Budác

Ondrej Budác

Doctoral Assistant

Biographical Statement

Ondrej Budác is a PhD student at the EPFL, Chair of computational mathematics and numerical analysis (ANMC) at the Mathematics Institute of Computational Science and Engineering (MATHICSE), under supervision of A. Abdulle. He graduated in Mathematics at Comenius University (Slovakia) in July 2011 and at Vrije Universiteit (Netherlands) in August 2011. He wrote his master’s thesis under the supervision of Y. Kuznetsov (Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands), J. Sanders (Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands) and M. Fila (Comenius University, Slovakia).

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Research Interests

Computational methods and numerical analysis for multiscale methods
Bifurcations of low-dimensional dynamical systems (numerical and analytical approach)

Selected Publications