Konstantinos Zygalakis

Konstantinos Zygalakis

Post-Doc Assistant

Biographical Statement

Konstantinos Zygalakis is a post-doc at EPFL, Chair of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis (ANMC) at the Mathematics Institute of Computational Science and Engineering (MATHICSE), under supervision of A. Abdulle.  He obtained his PhD in Mathematics in November 2008 from the University of Warwick, under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Stuart and Dr. Grigorios Pavliotis.


Previous Employment

University of Warwick (2006-2008),  David Crighton fellow at DAMTP, University of Cambridge (2008), Post Doctoral Research Associate at OCCAM, University of Oxford (2009-2012), Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of Southampton (2012-)

Research Interests

  • Theory and applications of multiscale SDEs  (averaging/homogenization).
  • Numerical methods and backward error analysis of SDEs.
  • Stochastic Simulation of chemical kinetics and reaction diffusion equations
  • Mathematical modelling of plants (especially of  processes in the rhizosphere)

Selected Publications

  • A Constrained Approach to Multiscale Stochastic Simulation of Chemically Reacting Systems. (with S.L. Cotter, I.Kevrekidis and R. Erban), J. Chem. Phys. 135, 094102, (2011), (selected for the September 2011 issue of JCP BioChemical Physics).
  • A dual porosity model of nutrient uptake by root hairs. (with G. D. J. Kirk , D. L. Jones, M. Wissuwa and T. Roose), New Phytologist, 192 (3) : 676-688, (2011).
  • Analysis of Brownian Dynamics Simulations of Reversible Bimolecular Reactions. (with R. Erban, S. J.Champan, J. Lipkova), SIAM J. Appl. Math. 71, 714-730, (2011).
  • On the Existence and Applications of Modified Equations for Stochastic Differential Equations. SIAM J. Sci.Comput. 33, 102-130, (2011). (Awarded the 15th Leslie Fox Prize in Numerical Analysis (second place)
  • Calculating Effective Diffusivities in the Limit of Vanishing Molecular Diffusion. (with G.A. Pavliotis and A.M. Stuart), J. Comp. Phys. 228(4) 1030-1055, (2009).