Alexander Shapeev

Alexander Shapeev

Post-Doc Assistant

Biographical Statement

Alexander Shapeev is a post-doc at EPFL, Chair of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis (ANMC) at the Mathematics Institute of Computational Science and Engineering (MATHICSE), under supervision of Prof Abdulle. He obtained his PhD from National University of Singapore in 2009.

Previous Employment

Research assistant at National University of Singapore (2008), Research Engineer at Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics, Russia (2009)

Research Interests

  • Numerical Methods (FEM, FDM, spectral methods)
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Multiscale methods (quasicontinuum method, homogenization)

Selected Publications

  • High-order accurate difference schemes for elliptic equations in a domain with a curvilinear boundary. Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, 2000, V. 40 (2), P. 223–232 (in Russian, with V. P. Shapeev)
  • Unsteady self-similar flow of a viscous incompressible fluid in a plane divergent channel. Fluid Dynamics, 2004, V. 39 (1), P. 36–41
  • Investigation of mixed spectral and finite difference approximation on the basis of problem of viscous flow in a diffuser. Siberian Journal of Numerical Mathematics, 2005, V. 8 (2), P. 149–162 (in Russian)
  • An asymptotic fitting finite element method with exponential mesh refinement for accurate computation of corner eddies in viscous flow. SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 2009, V. 31 (3), P. 1874–1900.