The ALICE team invites master’s students in architecture wishing to pursue their Master’s final project under its supervision to conform to the following guidelines.

1. Open topics
ALICE can provide supervision for both aspects of the master’s final projects – the Enoncé Théorique and the Projet Master. Students choose their own topics, knowing that the lab’s expertise resides in the following notions: cyclic flows, raw-materials, process-based design, architectural unit or module in relation to territorial and landscape-oriented scales, in connections with the human body and architecture in urban strategies.

ALICE is interested to follow Enoncé Théorique that aim at exploring the chosen subject by developing an investigative method that leads to the design development.

ALICE supports the development of projects with strong focus on an investigative process in drawing and model in various scales from 1:1 to territorial to explore relations of spatial inhabitation at the intersections of several disciplines—architecture, urban and territorial planning, geography, history, economy, art, engineering or philosophy.

2. The ALICE team has to be informed about the progression in the Enoncé Théorique, and is a partner in its development. The expert is to be defined in accordance with your topic and in discussion with the ALICE team.

3. ALICE will assess projects via mandatory workshops. There will be a series of workshops with all the Projet Master students present for an exchange amongst students and their respective topics. The candidates will present the progress of their work in a short presentation to the group. The workshops are aimed at the development of: a) a strong conceptual framework for the Projet Master, b) this framework’s programmatic potential and c) a first spatial conception thereof, with a clear relation to the theoretical framework elaborated in the Enoncé Théorique. The workshops are meant to support the transition from theoretical work (Enoncé Théorique) to the design component or the architectural/urban project (Projet Master). The first workshops will take place during the Enoncé Théorique.

Application Guidelines
Students who wish to conduct their Projet Master with the ALICE team must submit a brief project description stating research interest and intentions (max. 1 A4 page) accompanied by a concise portfolio (maximum 12 pages) in hard copy at the office of Jaime Ruiz (BP 4120). A digital version should be sent to [email protected]. Students will then be invited for an interview / discussion. The main selection criteria are: seriousness, clarity of interest and intentions, and compatibility of the proposal with ALICE’s teaching orientations.