Member Laboratories

ACCES Member Laboratories within the School of Engineering (STI) and the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) have detailed competencies in Computational Engineering (CE) areas related to their research and teaching activities. Such competencies may include expertise in the following areas:

  • numerical simulation methods and techniques (e.g., FEM, CFD),
  • methodologies for specific research domains (e.g., solid, fluid or molecular dynamics)
  • the selection and use of specialized simulation software,
  • the selection and use of computer hardware,
  • advanced visualization software and hardware.

ACCES Member Laboratories make available specialists for the transfer of information and advice to the ACCES Network Laboratories. (Contact [email protected] for more information.)

ACCES provides its Member Laboratories with the following advantages:

  • preferential use of the ACCES Collaborative Visualization Facility,
  • preferential assistance in the establishment of collaborative research proposals,
  • preferential assistance in partnerships for mutualized computer systems,
  • possibility to nominate candidates for the annual ACCES Awards for the best Master and Doctoral theses in CE.