CoViz1 – Collaborative Visualization


To facilitate and promote the development and use of Computational Engineering (CE) applications for research and teaching within the School of Engineering (STI) and the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC), the ACCES Collaborative Visualization Facility (CoViz1) has been established.

This facility provides infrastructure generally not available in the ACCES laboratories. It is designed to serve as a focal point for researchers and students, increasing the exchange of ideas through the mutualization of experience in advanced scientific visualization techniques.

The ACCES CoViz facility has four main aims:

  • to stimulate scientific discovery through collaborative examination of complex datasets,
  • to favor the development and/or use of common visualization techniques and software,
  • to encourage interest and develop skills amongst Master and doctoral students,
  • for outreach activities, to communicate activities and results to the EPFL and wider communities.

The facility has a reconfigurable layout allowing multiple uses (e.g. research collaboration, teaching, seminars, meetings). It is currently comprised of the following components:

Technical assistance is provided to enable its use for a diverse range of applications.

ACCES organizes a Visualization Contest to encourage advanced visualization by engineerIng students.

CoViz1 is located in room MXC 320.

For more information regarding the CoViz facility:

  • for general details of equipment and usage, see ACCES.viz wiki.
  • if you are interested in a demonstration of the facility’s capabilities, contact [email protected]
  • to report a technical problem, contact STI-IT helpdesk
  • If you wish to reserve the facility for your collaborative visualization needs, contact:

    STI :  Lysiane BourquinIrène Laroche, Christina MattssonSylvie Moreau
    ENAC :  Géraldine Michau