Bachelor & Master courses

ACCES laboratories are involved in numerous teaching activities at different levels.

The teaching sections within STI (SEL, SGM, SMT, SMX) and ENAC (SAR, SGC, SSIE) offer a wide range of Computational Engineering (CE) courses at the Bachelor and Master level.

The Doctoral School programs managed by STI and ENAC (i.e. EDAR, EDCE, EDEE, EDEY, EDME, EDMI, EDMX, EDPO, EDPR) offer specialized advanced-level courses.

ACCES laboratories also contribute actively to the interdisciplinary Master in Computational Science & Engineeering (CSE) managed by the Mathematics Section.

In addition, all four Sections within STI (SELSGMSMTSMX) as well as SGC-ENAC also recommend the CSE Minor.

Specific CE courses at the Master and Doctoral school level given by ACCES member laboratories include:

Further details regarding the above Master courses