Computational Engineering (CE) is the scientific discipline that employs computer modeling and simulation to obtain detailed understanding of engineered systems, processes, materials and devices.

ACCES members within the School of Engineering (STI) and the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) will provide expert guidance in the application of CE methodologies to a wide range of users at EPFL, including:

  • novice CE researchers, including PhD students and post-docs,
  • experimentalists requiring a simulation component for their research projects,
  • expert CE researchers with advanced computational and visualization needs.

Particular benefits of ACCES will include:

  • a single entry point for diverse CE information and services,
  • support for the choice and use of simulation and visualization software,
  • advice on the availability and use of computational hardware,
  • use of the specialised rooms CoViz1, CoViz2 and CoViz3,
  • specialized CE courses and training according to user needs,
  • improved visibility of its users’ simulation-based engineering activities.

ACCES is designed to promote, via a spirit of collaboration and interaction, a coherent approach to CE activities through actions that benefit the entire engineering community at EPFL:

  • if your group has specialized CE skills it wishes to share, become an ACCES Member Laboratory,
  • if your group requires assistance or wishes to be informed of CE activities, become an ACCES Network Laboratory.

To assist ACCES evolve according to the needs of the CE community, please complete our online Questionnaire.