HapStick design innovative crutches to facilitate partial weight bearing.

Team members: Jonhathan Regef, Harshdeep Singh, Nan Chen, Martin Stricker and Diane Thouvenin.

Flips designs an app to help international students integrate better locally.

Team members: Raphaël Madillo, Gautier Chamouland and Guillaume Vignolle.

Nat.app is a personal customer relationship management tool helping you to make the most of your email network.

Team members: Nathan Ganser and Ebrahim Hasan.


Fitsin develops an innovative electric oud.

Team members: Baha Ferchichi.

SELPH proposes an innovative sexual transmissible diseases (STD) diagnosis tool.

Team members: Marius Jatautas and Ulas Dinç Niyazi.


SmartRehab proposes innovative crutches enhances the rehabilitation process.

Team members: Margot Attali, Frédéric Perrenoud, Owem Schumacher and Vincent Varanges.

FlatDate helps you find the best flatmate or flat for yourself based on your preferences, hobbies and interests.

Team members: Sébastien Bros de Puechredon, Semion Rozov, Aleksandr Kosinov

C-Medtec is making brain concussion diagnostics possible through an innovative helmet.

Team members: Stefania Konstantinidi, Hana Samet, Rodrigo Munguia Fabela.


For women who wear high heels, pain is nothing new, and not enough effort has been made until now to address this recurring problem. Nuage will approach high heel design from the ground up by taking advantage of advancements made in bio-mechanical modelling, composite materials, 3D-printing,and computer vision. This will deliver shoes that are every bit as elegant, while changing the structural support, cushioning and fit of high heels to allow women to walk more naturally and without pain.

Team members: Laura Bujouves, Fanny Boutier and Sveva Fornari

Pindex offers an unprecedented highlight for your activities or your events. By using advanced technologies, it helps you promote your events and gain new customers.

Team members: Timothée Duran, Xavier Pantet, Jeremy Colombo


Orama develops an innovative device to help visually impared people to navigate in unknown places.

Team members: Thaïs Lindemann.

Nebulo-systems security fog system is revolutionizing the home security industry. It physically prevents criminals from locating your valuables and thereby protects them from being stolen. It fills the room with dense fog making it impossible for the criminal to step in the protected area, see, steal or damage anything.

Team members: Hana Samet, Yann Payen, David Netter

Flowlin is like a magic button that creates a bubble around you to immerse you in a state of flow, preventing unnecessary information to reach you.

Students: Axel Nilsson, Berk Olcum, and Kevin Sin.


G3-Greenbox offers an innovative service of undeground mapping for geotechnics purposes.

Students: Matthieu Gallet de Saint-Aurin and Foucauld Tabourin.


Voxcell develops an innovative materials to improve safety equipment, especially in the sports area.

Students: Vincent Ballet, Matthieu Gallet-de-Saint-Aurin and Benjamin Schloesing.

Sili is an app facilitating the organizations of private events in bars.

Students: Henry Decléty and Ryan Moody.


Agri-Collect develops robots for niche agriculture.

Etudiants : Pierre Brémon, Guillaume Thivolet and Fahra Mujovi.


WakeIt is an app providing you multiple ways to wake up happily.

Students: Paul Callens and Sebastian Savidan.

Lyf maximizes survival rate of avalanches victims through the use of autonomous drones.

Students: Paul Campredon and Valentin Ibars.

Uniknow helps you learn physics, by building a bridge between your classes and exercises series.

Student: Soheyl Massoudi.

For CHF 20.- a year, a PizzaLova Pass offers you a free pizza for each pizza you buy the first time you visit a member pizzeria.

Student: Théo-Tim Denisart.

Enoki imagines, builds and activates tomorrow’s sustainable city through Neighborhubs, services hubs facilitating sustainable lifestyles.

Student: Mathieu Farine.

CapAgain designs systems to recycle coffee capsules within coffee machines.

Etudiants : Alisandro Haouari, Luca Massera and Guglielmo Milan.

Codex D. is an app offering outdoor escape games, based only on the app and the players’ environment.

Students: Jeremy Bensoussan, Paul Renauld, Stefan Rotarus, Manon Camous and Quentin Juppet.

Caulys designs and builds autonomous and easy to use greenhouses producing fresh produce as close to the user as possible.

Students: Grégoire Gentile and Tom Lachkar.

Summus is a software interfacing the various IT services used by SMEs.

Students: Ambroise Méan and Louis Merlin.

Visium identifies and executes your highest value opportunities in artificial intelligence.

Students: Théophile de Cazeneuve and Timon Zimmermann.


My Tasteeis an app connecting people interested to learn more about wine and wanting to share experiences in a relaxed way.

Student: Lucile Regourd.

Snipfeed uses AI to find delightful content you will like.

Student: Sinan Bursa.


Fujibox is a connected device delivering a personalized message to a person you care for.

Student: Guillaume Thivolet.

Aposphere is a operations & transparency management software for humanitarians missions.

Student: Cyril Lippuner.

Twelve is app allowing you to organize events with available friends in the next twelve hours.

Students: Alex Mouradian and Max Mouradian.

Motion Pilot makes drone piloting fun and intuitive.

Students: Benjamin Bonnal, Arthur Gay, Thibaut Paschal and Timothée Peter.

Apety is an app allowing you to order and pay for food & beverages before reaching the restaurant, thereby saving waiting time.

Student: Teo Stocco.

Ouayis a connected device allowing elderly people to safely keep living in their house.

Student: Sven Borden.

L2F enhances enterprise AI with topological data analysis.

Student: Aldo Podestà, Francesco Palma and Wallyson Lemes de Oliveira.

Aeler is an AI-driven company building the technologies to automate in-transit freight logistics.

Student: David Baur.

Theraciel is a management software for therapists easing the compliance for “tarif 590”.

Students: Simon Favre et Vittorio Rossati.

JuniorConnect is a platform connecting students, organizations & companies.

Student: Simon Favre.


IPMate is an app guiding the user to the best IP protection solution for his/her invention.

Student: Laura Bujouves.


OneSecondDelivery offers a drone-delivery service in festivals.

Students: Dannick Riteco and Floris Schmucki.

Infinight is a platform offering an advertising and management solution for nightlife professionals, as well as a booking service for partyers.

Students: Yannick Bloem, Danil Ivanov et Anthony Jakob.