Sustainable Research

Research and innovation have the potential to address many of the malfunctions of our socio-economic systems. As we are entering what some refer to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, technology in particular is playing a crucial role in addressing many of the most pressing problems of our time.

The opportunities to solve such major challenges are significant: from alleviating poverty, ensuring access to education and healthcare, enabling circular economic systems, to promoting gender equality – technological solutions can play an important role in providing (and scaling!) solutions to these complex problems.


From Lab to Market

The Playgrant program is a newly launched EPFL Tech4Impact grant. It is designed for EPFL researchers’ (potential) entrepreneurial projects, i.e. research projects with an advanced technology but with the need to test and validate the technology in different market and sustainable impact application scenarios.

Playgrants are one-year programs aimed at promoting the creation of social enterprises. A Playgrant includes workshops, mentoring, as well as a financial grant of CHF 50,000.

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In April 2019, the first edition of the Showcase 2030 was held. EPFL researchers presented their work and the conference was followed by a start-up exhibition showcasing 12 innovative EPFL spin-offs working on different SDGs. 

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We are excited to announce a new project led by Switzerland Innovation and powered by EPFL Tech4Impact!

The objective of the initiative is to facilitate and promote the development of groundbreaking innovation projects that focus on real market applications in collaboration with Swiss universities as well as entrepreneurs and SMEs collaborating with research/academic partners.