Collaboration with Industry

Tech4Impact serves as your single-entry point to tap into EPFL’s groundbreaking sustainable technology research and its vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.
More specifically, we:

  • help you to define and/or realize your sustainable innovation project;
  • serve as a contact point to all research labs, the student population, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem;
  • assist you in the execution and final assessment of your project.

The scope of your innovation project may focus on both short-term implementation or long-term disruption potential.

Tech4Impact Corporate Council

The Corporate Council convenes industry leaders from different sectors to advance responsible business practices and explore impactful market opportunities around the Sustainable Development Goals.

Benefits of Tech4Impact Corporate Council Members:

  • Co-create the strategic roadmap of the Corporate Council and connect with cross-sectoral industry peers to share best sustainability practices and to identify common interests for the impact focus work groups.
  • Deep dive into disruptive technologies that have the potential to increase your company’s impact (opportunity to participate several times a year).
  • Speakers: leading EPFL researchers and thought leaders from politics, NGOs, and civil society.
  • Facilitated access to EPFL’s research labs (e.g. for exclusive bilateral innovation projects), relevant start-ups from the EPFL ecosystem (e.g. for joint technological developments, investment opportunities, M&A), as well as students.
  • Multi-partner, cross-sectoral innovation work groups to design and implement hands-on R&D projects initiated by Corporate Council Members around strategic impact topics (e.g. carbon footprint, plastics, water, energy).



Impact Focus Work Group 2019/2020: Technology-driven Circular Economy


Curious to learn more about how your company can collaborate with Tech4Impact? Reach out to us!

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