Montreux Jazz Digital Project Database

Developing a unified Montreux Jazz Digital Project database and research portal to manage information relating to the digitization, rights and search aspects of the Montreux Jazz Festival archive.

The Montreux Jazz Digital Project database is a single point of reference for all partners involved in the Montreux Jazz Digital Project. This includes external companies, students at EPFL and the Montreux Jazz Festival. It also acts as a multimedia platform for academic institutions working with digitized content for education and research purposes.



Sections of the Montreux Jazz Digital Project Database: 


  • Analogue and digital source media tracking
  • Digitization progress reports
  • Quality assessment reports
  • In-house video capture tracking (e.g. HDCAM)


  • Concert running order
  • Artist lineup and instruments
  • Concert setlist (songs)
  • Real-time script of events (cue sheet)
  • Song indexing metadata
  • Photo tagging metadata
  • Broadcasting and distribution rights
  • Education and research extended rights


  • Digital media and photo content search
  • Metadata search

Data transfer

  • Download/upload between workstations and object storage system

During the design phase, an in-depth study was conducted to find, collect and integrate a vast amount of data contained in paper documents and previous Montreux Jazz databases. This data helped define the current structure of the database (in addition to the digitization process and search portal). As a result, copyright information relating to concerts from 1967 onwards can be easily obtained. On a long-term basis, the database will be enriched with metadata for the valorization and discovery of the archive via novel user experiences.

The Montreux Jazz Digital Project database was developed in the Scala programming language created at EPFL by the team of Professor Odersky (used by Twitter, Airbnb, and many more) with the Lift and Play web frameworks. The database server is MySQL. Software libraries such as Akka, Slick, Spray, and Elasticsearch are also used.