Course: PhD stress management

How to recognize the warning signs


  • Discover how to apply the SUSTAIN-Model TM principles to achieve sustained performance during your PhD.
  • Be able to recognize early signals of chronic stress/fatigue in self and others.
  • Act to reduce stress, enhance recovery and avoid burnout.
  • Self-assessment of individual commitment/energy levels with the SUSTAIN-Model TM questionnaire (pre-workshop questionnaire + debriefing of individual results during the workshop)
  • Interactive workshop in sub-groups allowing sharing of experiences between PhD students.


  • Understanding the difference between stress, chronic stress and burnout.
  • Dealing with burnout risk factors (individual & context).
  • Best practices to maintain  life-balance during PhD.
  • Find the right balance between workload and rest: proactively set time to recharge your batteries (exercise, social activities, leisure, sleep)


EPFL Ph.D. students. Priority will be given to students starting their PhD studies. More experienced PhD students are also welcome in order to share experiences, etc.


Saturday 16.11.2019


9 am to 5 pm with a one hour lunch break. Please bring a picnic so that you can have spend time together as a group.


CO 216


Frederic Meuwly, Ph.D. EPFL, Professional Coach / Senior Consultant and Founder of




A laptop

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Max 20 people

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