Choosing a college of higher education (HES)

Opting for technical training in a college of higher education (HES)

This solution enables you to remain in the same field of interest (not strictly speaking a track change).

Main differences from EPF education:

  • more specialised training (e.g. electronics, telecommunications, electrical engineering)
  • structured environment (small classes, continous control, better supervision, more deadlines, etc.)
  • teaching focused on a more practical and applied approach.


  • to enter an HES, the holders of a “maturité” must first complete a practical internship. Some HES offer an internship integrated into the school (EiVD or EIV) while others require an internship in industry and help you to find one. Contact your prospective HES for further information.
  • if you have succeeded in your preparatory year, admission may be easier.  Please find out from the relevant HES.

Tip: why not consider the German part of Switzerland? A year’s internship is ideal to practise your German so that you are ready to start studying in that language. Language skills are highly appreciated and a change of air may do you good

List of all Swiss HES (technical and non-technical)

Opting for a different education (medical, teaching, economics, social, tourism, art…)

Please look up the Wesite “” – an up-to-date directory of all professions and educational offers in Switzerland.

The fast track

Fast vocational training
The Canton de Vaud offers fast training for about twenty professions. The courses generally take 2 years and are open to the holders of a “maturité gymnasiale” or certificate from a diploma school (EDD). Further details and contacts

Allround banking training 
Banks offer “maturité” holders 18-24 month internships leading to a certified banking diploma.  Swiss Bankers Association.

Warning: You should prefer vocational training leading to a recognised diploma. The courses listed on “” are all acknowledged. The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) can also provide information on the subject.