A few tips for D-Day

Here are 12 tips to succeed in your exams:

  • Avoid discussions before you enter the exam room.
  • Remember to take deep breaths (reduces tension and pumps oxygen up to the brain).
  • Carefully read the instructions (to assess the time available and type of corrections applied).
  • Structure your time once you have an overview of the exam (leaving time to review your anssers).
  • Read every question twice; underline important words.
  • Start with the easiest questions.
  • Questions calling for a complex answer: make a plan.
  • Answer all questions (except where a wrong answer is marked lower than no answer).
  • Multiple choice: read out the response before reading the proposed choices. Proceed by elimination (eliminate questions with the wording “always” or “never”). Try to find an argument to prove the answer’s fallacy.
  • Traps: avoid giving into paranoia and inventing traps which are simply not there.
  • Correcting your answers: except for obvious mistakes, stick to your first choice.
  • Once the test is over, read over your answers. If you have time, put your pen down, close your eyes and think of something else. Clearing your head (breathing) before revising is a plus.