Health insurance exemption

European students

Students from EU countries are entitled to an exemption from the obligation to use Swiss insurers provided that they observe the following procedure :

  • They must obtain the European Health Insurance Card from their insurer in their home country.
  • The copy of the European Health Insurance Card should then be sent for registration to the OVAM. This office will issue the exemption from taking out Swiss insurance. 

Warning: ask your insurance if all the costs will be covered during your stay in Switzerland.

Students from outside Europe

In certain cases students may ask to remain affiliated to a foreign insurance company. To do this, they must send a request to the OVAM.

To benefit from this exemption, the medical and accident insurance provided by the foreign company must cover over 300’000.- Euros for treatments in Switzerland.

EPFL disclaims all liability for any medical bills incurred by students in breach of insurance terms.

Swiss students from abroad

Swiss students from abroad who never lived in Switzerland can obtain an exemption from the obligation LAMal insurance. The procedure is the same as for European students (see above).