Applying for a visa

  • Apply for your visa as soon as possible. Some embassies agree to open a file for you even if you only have a temporary admission document (available only for bachelor students) from the EPFL.
  • Delay for appointments at the embassy can be quite long and will get longer as the beginning of the academic year approaches. Therefore, if you are waiting for a document for your application, inquire about when you will receive the document and schedule an appointment with the embassy in advance. If worse comes to worst, you will have to reschedule the appointment if you haven’t received the document yet.
  • Contact the embassy on a regular basis to inquire about your application status. Sometimes embassies have already received the information that your visa is ready but haven’t provided the information to you yet.
  • Read our page “Useful information – visa” and verify whether you provided all the necessary information and, if this isn’t the case, follow the exact procedure on this page.

EPFL is not the government authority responsible for issuing visas and has no power to speed up the process.

Applications are processed on a first come first serve basis by the relevant authority.

It is therefore solely your responsibility to submit your complete and correct application as early as possible to the authorities.

Please note that it is pointless to continue your visa procedure if you cannot be in Lausanne by 30 September. After this date you will not be able to attend courses, as you will have missed to much of your curriculum to be able to catch up.