Bachelor and Master scholarships

According the Directive concerning the awarding of study LEX 2.10.2: Grants and excellence fellowships by the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), EPFL is dedicated to supporting students registered at the EPFL, in particular when their financial situation makes it difficult for them to complete their studies.

  • Swiss students or residents may ask it already for the first year at EPFL. The condition to get the renewal of the scholarship is the success of the academic year.
  • Foreigner students, may ask it only at the earliest after successfully finishing one year at EPFL. The requested average is 4.5.
  • These scholarships are awarded following a change in social, family and/or economic situation. Applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The scholarship is granted for 1 or 2 semesters (for renewals, please see hereunder)
  • These scholarships are subject to defined criteria, given to very few students and do not by any means represent a student’s right.

First request

Please ask for an appointment with the social department by contacting the Student desk.


The scholarship can be renewed after one semester or after the academic year if this is still justified. Please ask for the application form by contacting the Student desk.


Applications should be submitted to the Student desk within the following deadlines:

  • 15 May of each year (for autumn semester)
  • 15 December of each year (for spring semester)

These scholarships are for Swiss or foreign students whose parents are living in Switzerland. Scholarship offices function differently from one canton to another.

Students should apply as early as possible to the canton of their parents’ or legal representative’s tax domicile.

Please find on this webpage all the addresses of cantonal scholarship offices.

Swiss students living abroad must apply to their canton of origin and to educationsuisse.

EPFL does not grant scholarships to start studying. You should therefore secure adequate funding (please look up the study taxes).

If you are:

  • already a student at EPFL
  • facing financial difficulties

please refer to the chapter on scholarships from the social commission of EPFL for further information.

Foreign students wishing to continue their education at EPFL (postgraduate course or research project) can apply in their country for a scholarship from the Swiss Federal Commission for Scholarships for foreign students.

Students registered at EPFL, whose section highly recommend participating in study trips, can ask for financial support. Exchange students are not entitled to it. This support can be obtained only once during the course of study and as long as the study trip has an educational objective.

The application for financial assistance can be sent to the Student Desk AFTER the study trip.

Social scholarship holders (EPFL, cantonal, private, foreign)

Documents to provide AFTER the study trip

Amount of the financial support

  • Lump sum of 300.- CHF

NON-scholarship holders

Documents to provide AFTER the study trip

  • Application form for financial assistance (in french only)
  • EPFL registration certificate
  • Tax return of the parents, the applicants, spouse, guarantor  (otherwise: salary statements, annuities)
  • Official attestation signed by your section proving your participation in the study trip

Amount of the financial support

  • Lump sum of 300.- CHF. This amount is allocated on the basis of a financial need, depending on the social situation of the applicant