Arrangements for the admission examination and the EULER course

A disability or chronic medical condition often involves long-term planning. This is why we need your complete application before the following deadlines.

  • Admission examination : 1st December of each year
  • Euler course: 1st December of each year

Documents to provide

  • Complete this application
  • Submit medical documents. Please see the detailed information on this page.
  • Include any reports and decisions from educational institutions previously attended.


Documents must be sent in English or in one of the official Swiss languages (French, German, Italian)

Address to submit the application

The signed application for support measures and all documents should be submitted by email to [email protected]


Support measures involving costs may incur a charge. It is your responsibility to seek reimbursement from the AI or other relevant authorities for non Swiss citizens.


Once the arrangement is confirmed, it is your responsibility to contact the teachers in order to get organised.

For any questions, please write an email to [email protected]