EDOC What the thesis looks like

Each chapter begins on the right-hand page with odd-numbered pagination (if necessary the left-hand page, with even-numbered pagination, is left blank).
The thesis may be submitted in A4 size. The Repro service will reduce the document to the required size for printing.
Step 3/3 of the end of thesis process via IS-Academia Portal

The doctoral student uploads the final version of his/her thesis in the “Thesis” tab of the “ISA portal” [https://isa.epfl.ch/imoniteur_ISAP/PORTAL14S.htm] taking into account (where applicable) corrections required by the thesis jury during the oral exam.

The doctoral student completes the thesis’ metadata and specifies information concerning its distribution (internet, intranet etc.).

Last but not least, he is required to order the hard copies of his/her thesis at the Reprography (the EPFL’s printing centre) while specifying the details with regard to the printing.

As soon as these documents and information have been accepted by the thesis director, via his/her IS-Academia Portal the thesis is released for printing.

The doctoral student, the thesis director or the research unit, can order additional copies of the thesis:
Immediately at the step 3/3 of the end of thesis process via IS-Academia Portal
From the EPFL Library, once the thesis has been archived
These printing costs are the responsibility of the person who places the order.
Recommendations of the Print Center