EDOC About the open seminar

When the seminar should take place?

The seminar will be held a few days before the public defense or immediately after.

Where the seminar can take place?

The open seminar presenting the thesis work of the PhD Student is held on EPFL Campus or in one of the EPFL Outposts

  • Campus Biotech, Genève / EPFL Fribourg, Fribourg / EPFL Valais, Sion / IMT Microcity, Neuchâtel

during working hours.

Who is responsible for organising this seminar?

The PhD student is responsible for organising this seminar (booking a room, sending invitations, etc.).

What is the length of the seminar?

The duration is more or less the same as the public defense (around 45 minutes). The seminar could be followed by a discussion.

Is my thesis director required to be present? What about the jury members?

  • It would be great that the thesis director (the co-director if applicable) chairs the seminar but it is not mandatory.
  • The presence of other jury members is not required.

Is the date of the public defense or the date of the seminar that will appear on my diploma?

The date of the public defence will appear on your diploma since you will receive your diploma and obtained the degree of Docteur ès sciences (PhD) at the end of the public defense.

Do I have to show my diploma during this seminar?

No, it’s not necessary.

Do we have to inform the Doctoral Students' Office about the public seminar (date and place)?

No, it is not necessary. We trust that you will follow our recommendations.