EDOC The public defense

The doctoral student who has successfully passed the oral exam and whose thesis has been accepted is called upon by the vice-president for academic affairs to present his/her thesis at a public defense. Ord. Art 16, al. 2
He/she obtains the title of doctor once the decision to deliver the doctoral degree has been taken. Ord. Art 16, al. 4
The public defense takes place:
  At least four weeks and Ord. Art 16, al. 3
  No more than six months after the oral exam Dir. Art 21, al. 3
  In French, in English, or in the language in which the thesis was written. Dir. Art 21, al. 2
  The program director invites jury members to the public defense. Dir. Art 20, al. 1
  The doctoral students’ office publishes an announcement of the defense through appropriate means. Dir. Art 20, al. 2
  Le doctoral student defends his/her thesis at a public defense at the EPFL, presided over by the thesis director. Dir. Art 21, al. 1
The presentation, is of around 45 minutes, and followed by a discussion. The presence of other jury members is not required. Dir. Art 21, al. 1
Where my public defense can take place?
Ecoles polytechniques fédérales
Innovation Park
EPFL Outposts
Campus Biotech Geneva
EPFL Fribourg  
IMT Neuchâtel / Microcity
EPFL Valais Wallis
ETH Domain’s four research institutes
see remark below
PSI – Paul Scherrer Institute + Open seminar
WSL – Bellinzona / Birmensdorf / Davos / Sion + Open seminar
EMPA – Dübendorf / St. Gallen / Thun + Open seminar
EAWAG – Dübendorf / Kastanienbaum + Open seminar
Another research institutes
see remark below
CERN – Geneva + Open seminar
CSEM – Neuchâtel + Open seminar
IDIAP – Martigny + Open seminar
Max Planck Society (MPS) + Open seminar


The public defense can take place in one of the research institutes related to EPFL, provided that an open seminar presenting the thesis work is held on EPFL Campus (or in one of the above mentioned EPFL outposts) during working hours [FAQ Open seminar]