EDOC The oral exam

Registration to the Oral exam
  • The candidate pays the fee of CHF 1’200.
Another information about
  • An oral exam by videoconference
  • Where I can take my oral exam
  • Room equiped with a videoconference system
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An oral exam by videoconference
An oral exam by videoconference is acceptable for one of the examiners.
–  The examiner concerned ensures that his/her original report is signed and returned within the given deadline. Dir. Art. 18, al. 4
–  The expert must be isolated in order to ensure the confidentiality of the examination.
–  Should another examiner be prevented from attending the examination as a result of unforeseen circumstances of a serious nature, the Doctoral School, via the Doctoral Students’ Office, can exceptionally accept an oral exam by video conference for both examiners.
–  An oral exam by teleconference is not accepted.
Where can I take my oral exam?
Ecoles polytechniques fédérales
Innovation Park
Antennes de l’EPFL
EPFL Outpost
Campus Biotech Geneva
EPFL Fribourg
IMT Neuchâtel / Microcity
EPFL Valais Wallis
Les 4 instituts de recherche du domaine des EPF
ETH Domain’s four research institutes
PSI – Paul Scherrer Institute
WSL – Bellinzona / Birmensdorf / Davos / Sion
EMPA – Dübendorf / St. Gallen / Thun
EAWAG – Dübendorf / Kastanienbaum
Autres centres de recherche
Another research institutes
CERN – Geneva
CSEM – Neuchâtel
IDIAP – Martigny
Max Planck Society (MPS)
Room equipped with a videoconference system
BC 010
CE 1257
ME D2 1124
Make your reservation directly with the SAVE service

SAVE provides technical assistance before and during the oral exam.

SV 3715 Only for SV Faculty members
Campus Biotech Geneva H4 3 133.084 Reservation via Ms Catherine Wannier
EPFL Fribourg The oral exams by videoconference are not allowed in this outspot until the videoconference system is not available.
IMT Neuchâtel / Microcity MC B0 302 Reservation by email to Ms Lysiane Bourquin
Wallis-Valais (Sion) Zeuzier (I17 4 K2) Reservation via your administrative assistant