EDOC The official record

The official record contains the following:
the name of the doctoral student
the title of the thesis
  the number of the thesis
the academic title to be awarded
  the assessment of the oral exam
  the assessment of the work, in the form of a report (around a half-page of text) which summarizes the reports of the jury
  the place and the date of the oral exam
  the success or failure of the oral exam
  the rejection or acceptance with or without reserve of the thesis
  if applicable, a report on the differences of opinion within the jury and justification for the decision
  if applicable, an appendix to be provided to the doctoral student which gives the jury’s reservations and the requirements for corrections
  if applicable, the jury’s proposition that the thesis be nominated for the EPFL doctoral prize (or another prize)
  the name, address and signature of each jury member (including the case of a videoconference)