EDOC The jury’s assessment of the thesis

Remarks on the assessment of the thesis

Thesis and oral exam “accepted unconditionally (Pass)”
  Minor corrections that should not take longer than one month
 • The corrected thesis shall be accepted by the thesis director only
Thesis and oral exam “accepted conditionally (Conditional pass)”
  • A great deal of additional work is required regarding the form or the content of the thesis, the duration of which must not exceed six months.
The Vice President for Education decides whether the conditions stipulated by the jury should be accepted
The implementation of the corrections are to be verified by the jury
The jury members give their appreciation to the jury president
The jury president formally communicates the acceptance or not by the jury to the Doctoral Students’ Office
Oral exam “rejected (Fail)”
  • The candidate may repeat the oral examination, revise his thesis, or present a new thesis, within a delay stipulated by the Vice President for Education, based on the jury’s proposal