EDOC The doctoral diploma

The doctoral diploma includes:
•  The name, the date and the birthplace of the holder of the diploma  
•  The academic title awarded  
•  The title of the thesis Ord. Art. 18, al. 1 & 2
•  The date of the public defense  
•  The EPFL doctoral program which has been successfully completed  
The diploma is delivered on behalf of the EPFL and signed by:
•  The president of the EPFL  
•  The vice-president for education  
•  The thesis director Ord. Art. 18, al. 3
Dir. Art. 24
•  The thesis co-director, where applicable.  
  The diploma carries the seal of the EPFL.  
The doctoral students’ office provides the diploma on condition that the doctoral student has:
•  Deposited his/her thesis via IS-Academia  
  Signed the release form for the final version of the thesis Ord. Art. 16, al. 4
Dir. Art. 24, al. 1
These conditions remain applicable even in the case where the public defense has taken place immediately after the oral exam and ahead of the normal schedule .  
The awarding of the diploma takes place at the conclusion of the public defense.
Diploma Verification
The authenticity of current EPFL diplomas (those with a document number at the bottom right angle) can be verified by means of the online form: