EDOC Publication and distribution of the thesis

(Ordinance, Art. 19)

The thesis director takes into account any conditions set by the jury and appearing in the official record.
He ensures that the final version of the thesis is correctly completed.
He gives his/her authorization for the final distribution of the thesis via the end of thesis portal in IS-Academia.

The thesis as accepted by the jury is published in extenso.

The doctoral student provides the doctoral students’ office with:
the final and definitive version of his/her thesis, via his/her IS Academia portal
The document entitled “Key data verification”, signed by the thesis director-s and the doctoral student at the conclusion of the oral exam

At the latest one month after the unconditional acceptance of the thesis, but before the public defense.

Any requests for a deadline extension for printing should be addressed to the Doctoral School, via the doctoral students’ office.
Once the final thesis has been uploaded to the end of thesis portal and has been accepted by the thesis director via his/her IS-Academia Portal, the thesis is released for printing. No further changes will be possible.

The Repro service checks and accepts the pdf file and asks the doctoral student to sign the release form for the final version of the thesis.
Please note that the time needed for printing a thesis (copies printed, assembly and binding) is about 15 working days (see Information and requirements of the Repro service). This delay runs from the moment the relevant documents have been handed to the Doctoral Students’ Office and the final version of the thesis has been uploaded and accepted by the thesis director in the end of thesis portal.

Delaying the printing of the thesis
Neither the author, nor his/her director have the right to delay the printing of the doctoral thesis.
Good to know
  • An electronic version will be published on the intranet few days after the public defense. It may be placed under a three-month embargo (available via the IS-Academia Portal).
Referencing and confidentiality
  • Title, summary and keywords will be published around 15 days before the public defense.
  • In case of patent application or confidentialty, these items must not include information deemed sensitive. If necessary, please contact the Library ([email protected]).
Thesis involving a patent
The distribution of a thesis can be delayed while the patent process is being completed. As soon as the patent application has been submitted, the thesis must be distributed. Loi sur le brevet d’invention, art. 49
  • To know more about patenting, please contact the Technology transfer office (TTO)
  • The writer of the thesis is considered as its author as defined by the law on copyright. He/she holds all the rights conferred by copyright.
  • The EPFL has a non-exclusive right to publish and use part or all of the thesis, where it has supported the author by funding his/her work or making available the logistical means on its premises.
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